Each network we establish is led by experienced innovation/network managers who accompany and coordinate the entire process. They

ensure knowledge transfer and communication between the partners and externally;

  • carry out market and competition analyses and evaluate these for the activities of the network;
  • coordinate the conceptual R&D work in the network, develop the technological roadmaps for this purpose and support the partners in preparing their funding applications and in communicating with the funding agencies;
  • support the network partners in developing marketing concepts;
  • organize the presentation of the network partners at trade fairs and exhibitions;
  • coordinate with international partners to identify suitable subsidy programs;
  • manage the public relations of the network.

Who are the Euverion network managers?

At Euverion two innovation managers take care of your concerns: Marc Köppen and Michael Anders.

Dr. Marc Köppen

Dr. Marc Köppen –

Dr. Marc Köppen  is a qualified shipbuilder and businessman and has many years of experience in organizational and IT consulting. Since 2014 he has been working as ZIM Innovation Manager. As Euverion Innovation Manager Marc mainly develops networks that are located in the sustainability sector. To this end, he organises trade fair visits and – together with the sustainable packaging agency PACOON – the annual International Conference for Sustainable Packaging, SOLPACK. In addition to the annual event, the “bioverpackt” innovation forum is a joint venture with the Environmental Cluster Bavaria.

Michael Anders

Michael Anders –

Michael Anders  has been working in the field of EU funding since his studies of electrical engineering at the RWTH Aachen University. While the focus was initially on EU funding for large and multinational collaborative research programmes, the focus has now expanded to include individual project funding. Mr. Anders established (with EU funding, of course) various business incubators and technology centres, and has accompanied numerous funding projects over the last 30 years.